The Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Kriss Carr

Today I wanted to share something sweet and short that will instill some inspiration and passion for fresh, beautiful foods!

I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the crazy sexy cancer healer, Kris Carr, but she is absolutely radiant and fantastic. I have been following her work for quite a while and I am endlessly enlivened by her information, love, knowledge and spunk. She is well worth learning more about, especially her journey with healing from cancer that she was diagnosed with at age thirty-one. She has five books under her belt now and they are all well worth spending some time with.


Enjoy the trailer video for her Crazy Sexy Kitchen recipe book and if you feel such recipes would enhance your life and make your cells cheer with joy then I would highly suggest adding this to your kitchen’s book collection. Just watching the trailer makes my mouth water and brain buzz with inspiration!

And even more for you: check out the Crazy Sexy Life resource page!

You can also find me on the Community Boards. I share my knowledge and information with all different people that are a part of this community. This is such a phenomenal place to spend your time (much more useful than Facebook in terms of what you can gain and add to your life). Please come find me if you want help or information or of course contact me here on my website.

I dearly hope you all enjoy and can gain something beautiful from this mecca of a website that Kris Carr has created.

Love and Plants,


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